If you are wondering how did Pragtech come up with a logo looking like a bunch of circles and a dot in the middle. Well, let me explain to you how a then-candidate and now a lead software engineer had the idea of the company’s logo.

Alvin Rapada who was applying for a software engineer position in Pragtech back in 2015 was tasked to create a brand new logo for the company. It was his assignment prior to landing the job he has now three years ago.

Alvin knew that Pragtechnologies is rooted from the word “pragmatic” which means practical, sensible, reasonable, down-to-earth and honestly, I can go on with other terms synonymous to being pragmatic but, Alvin understood that being practical, reasonable and down-to-earth also entails being focused on the work being done. He then thought of the lens of a camera.

Camera lenses have the ability to focus on a subject thus, getting sharp photos. That being said, Alvin pictured that Pragtech, with it being practical, is also focused on getting quality results. Like eyes on the prize, he added a dot in the middle to show how the company is concentrated on achieving its goals and business targets.

The logo of Pragtechnologies is simple and straight to the point. It was designed to communicate to the public that Pragtechnologies is serious about doing business.