We have Joker and Dora the Explorer in the house y’all!

It's the first time Pragtech celebrated a 'Spooktacular Halloween.' Celebrating Halloween was our way to release tension, take a break and have some fun at work.

It was a new experience for us. It brought out our creativity by decorating our rooms as scary as possible. It also gave us an avenue to showcase our wits by wearing character outfits that turned out to be rather comical.

We also invited kids for a Halloween trick-or-treat. We prepared lots of candies for the giveaway.

While costume parties were intended to create an atmosphere of playfulness, having this in offices also break barriers among staff.

Pragtech’s first Halloween party was indeed a night full of fun games, food, and drinks. The mobile bar was a cool addition to the party, which I believe all of us would agree.

Everyone had a spooky good time and it was almost certainly lit af. 😜😁

Watch our Halloween Party video here and check out all our photos on our Facebook page.