Pragtechnologies led by CEO, Noel del Castillo visited Meteor Homes Family Center in Brgy. Fortune, Marikina, Saturday, December 8 as part of the company's annual Christmas celebration.

“Nagpapasalamat tayo sa Diyos dahil Sakanya, nandito tayo ngayon. Huwag natin kalimutan na ang Christmas ay about kay Jesus,” Noel said in a short talk to remind the kids why we are celebrating Christmas and to be always thankful for the blessings they receive.

The outreach program which started last year was held to spread Christmas cheer and channel blessings to the children in Meteor Homes this season.

At the program, the Pragtech ates' and kuyas' enjoyed getting to know the children while playing with them.

The kids and kids-at-heart showcased their competitive side in the games which include Hep Hep Hooray, Face the Cookie Challenge, Balloon Relay, and the longest "Merry Christmas" shout.

After the festive games, Pragtech family showed that they are not only good in coding and fixing computer bugs but they also have talent in dancing and singing.

A group performed hip-hop dance and another serenaded the kids with mash-up of famous Christmas songs.

Aside from the entertainment, the children were also treated with their all-time favorite meal fried chicken and juice.

As the banner says, "Jesus is God's perfect and indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only we are able to receive this gift we are able to share it with others."

And so this year, the 60 children received loot bags with a set of school supplies which they can use in class next year and it was also filled with sweets like jelly candies.

You know kids had fun when smiles are etched in their faces all throughout the activity.

The success of the outreach program was due to the generosity of the del Castillo's and the whole Pragtech family.