Pragtechnologies Corp. (Pragtech), a start-up tech company headquartered in the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, which specializes in software development using the latest technologies in the market, was considered as one of the tech industry leaders with unique software development services, large clientele base, and strong brand presence in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region by India’s Business APAC magazine.

“When I first received the email that Pragtech was offered to be featured I was curious to know how they found out about the company and why they chose us,” said Noel del Castillo, Pragtech’s CEO as he acknowledged the opportunity of being recognized in the software development industry

Business APAC

Business APAC is a digital and printed publication that features stories of successful businesses operating in the Asia Pacific and explores the untapped opportunities in the region.

In the magazine’s latest issue with a theme, “Software Development Accelerators of 2019”, it showcases the success stories and strategies of the most innovative and ambitious businesses originating from and operating in the Asia Pacific region.

Based on Business APAC’s report, the Asia Pacific, in particular, has become a hotbed in driving the digital customer experience attracting more foreign investors that help advance and improve the software development services.

Business APAC introduces leading software development companies and the increasing capabilities that come along with it amongst its readers.

Pragtech, a Pioneering Technology

In the article, Noel candidly shared the journey of Pragtech. From being built humbly in 2014 with his wife, Vanessa, and with the help of his brother, Rommel to where Pragtech is now.

As a rookie in the industry, the first few projects of Pragtech took time as both Noel and Vanessa are still figuring out how to make their business work properly.

These small time projects that Noel took helped build Pragtech’s portfolio.

“I realized I had to take another step and change the direction of my company to software development,” said Noel as he thrives to get more clients who were willing to partner with the company and pay for the services to develop software.

A little over a year, clients kept coming due to the quality of work and the capacity of Pragtech to deliver results on time. This gave Noel more confidence to level up his tech game.

Pragtech has been consistently boasting its potential to develop robust web and mobile applications for its clients using the latest technologies such as Elixir, React, AI, .Net, Kubernetes, Docker, and Arduino as it journeys for expansion and making its presence known in the global market.

In the Business APAC feature, Noel mentioned some of Pragtech’s most successful products like SeeYouDoc, RxVault, HealthMetric, GovIT, and Textstack.

Today, Pragtech, as grounded in a family-oriented culture, is now headquartered in Marikina with 31 employees.

With hopes held up high and backed up with an impressive portfolio, Noel continues to bring Pragtech to different places in Asia and as far as Finland when it joined Turku Ultrahackathon event in 2018 and won second place. It also secured clients in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Getting Ahead and Transforming Businesses in the APAC

As the software development industry constantly evolves and new trends continue to emerge, the young CEO believes that the role of an entrepreneur is to find new techniques and apply best practices to transform and stay ahead with tech industries from developed countries.

“The key tip is to never stop learning, keep up with the latest trends and technologies, and take advantage of free online courses and trials offered by institutes and companies,” Noel said to encourage aspiring software developers.

Noel is looking forward to making a huge impact in today’s society. His aim is for Pragtech to be known as an incubator, building companies and inspiring other local software development firms and startups, especially those based in Marikina.

Being a tech entrepreneur like Noel, one must be responsible and cautiously think about their decisions. Learning the basics of accounting, sales, marketing, management, and leadership are necessary in doing business more efficiently.

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Pragtech Captures Corporate Vision Magazine

Another international magazine, Corporate Vision (CV) based in Staffordshire, England recognized Pragtech as one of the Most Innovative Software Developer to Watch in 2019 in this year’s Corporate Excellence Awards.

The 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards seek to recognize and celebrate the paragons across the globe who have gone above and beyond to maintain leadership in their industry, innovate, and achieve outstanding results compared to their peers.

The award especially made for Pragtech best reflects the innovations, achievements, and advancements the company demonstrated over the past year.

Pragtech among other companies around the world and who, for the past 12 months, has earned outstanding client reviews and testimonials, established a physical and digital presence, held a number of achievements and consistently demonstrated its strong commitment and drive for development and expansion.

Another point to it is the company’s involvement with the local and international community through SeeYouDoc, GovIT and other products and services.

CV magazine who distributes to more than 13,000 executives, business forerunners and corporate decision makers across the globe provides a platform for them to be acknowledged and recognized in their respective industries.