(In The Zone continuation...)

Right when you thought you can't figure things out, the universe collides to give you a solution. And oftentimes, you can't keep the burst of emotions.

But hold your horses, we have watchers a.k.a "The Admins." They are here to watch over the Roomniverse. Get to know them in today's episode.

Jamie Floirendo, the Pragtech Roomniverse's "Ate." As in, "Ate Jamie, kailangan ko ng ganito," "Ate Jamie, mayroon ba tayong ganito?" "Ate Jamie, nasaan po yung ano?" and the list goes on.

Ymereen Lalata, the go to of all things Human Resource (HR). As in, "Y-Memo kita, 'stomoyon?!"

Phoebe Cates Eustaquio, we don't want to mess with her. She deals with some serious account payables and balancing stint. I am pretty sure you don't want to be one of her liabilities. #nopunintended

Mollie Lorenzo, say no more! Her name echoes her cheerful vibe. Often gets her name misspelled and mispronounced. Classic.

Illustrations by Moja